Power supply: 12Vdc rated (9 Vdc minimum, 14,5Vdc maximum) Rated current: 50mA (60mA maximum) Maximal current: 500mA (1 A peak) Back up battery: 12V 2Ah Anti-opening: ✔ IP protection: IP 30 Fuse: Fuse type 5x20mm 2A Type F Emulated line tone: 440Hz Emulated line voltage: 13.8Vdc Housing Plate: RAL 9002 Accessories Programming keypad: K-VISION Dimensions: H=20 cm x L=26 cm x D= 4,5 cm Temperature range from: +5°C to +40°C

Product Description

Vision 3 Compact is a GSM communicator, which uses the existing cellular network to provide reliable and cost effective communication for security systems. When triggered it can send SPEECH and SMS text messages. The system can be programmed through the integrated keypad. Fully remote programming is also possible by means of SMS text messages sent to the system.




3 Input Zones separately programmable and configurable3 PGM Outputs controllable for remote switching of other devices8 telephone numbers can be programmed for vocal calls and SMS notifications200 telephone can be programmed to control a single PGM output1 STATUS Input (SYS) to check a remote device’s state1 RESET Input for the local reset of alarm1 Output for notification of system error1 Output for ring simulation of entering calls, which can be used for connections with other devices1 LED to signal GSM cellular network signal strength OK1 LED for notification of standby operationSimulated PSTN line, which allows to call with a normal touch tone telephone or connect an hardwired communicatorIt is possible to use SMSs to programme the communicator or to turn on one or more outputs; once the command has been received, an SMS will be sent back to confirm the actionPossibility to trigger an output by calling the communicator, which will wait for a single ring and will recognize the associated telephonefrom which the call has been performed. Once the output has been activated the communicator will ring back the calling telephone to confirm activation of the outputSIM card expiry date automatic checkCredit exhaustion automatic check


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