DTP 320/200DV


Product Description

The system is intended for detection of weapons, explosives, contraband, illegal drugs and other dangerous objects hidden inside the passenger cars and vans.


  • Dual View technology. DTP 320/200DV provides X-ray images of scanned vehicles in two projections (vertically downward and horizontal). The additional projection significantly improves detection capabilities eliminating “the blind zones” of an inspected vehicle.
  • High penetration. DTP 320/200DV produces high-quality X-ray images of the inspected objects penetrating 60 mm of steel and at vehicle speed of about 7 km/h.
  • High quality X-ray images. To ensure proper detectability of the concealed objects, the DTP 320/200DV produces images with the 3% of the contrast sensitivity, 30 AWG (0,25 mm) copper wire detection capability as well as 2,0 mm spatial resolution.
  • Dual energy imaging. DTP 320/200DV has an automatic color-coding (3 colors) which enables material discrimination feature allowing distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials. This feature helps the operator to detect dangerous object from the various materials.
  • Two mode of scanning. In the drive-through mode a driver remains in the vehicle during scanning process driving the vehicle under its own power through the portal. In the conveyor mode a driver and passengers lave the vehicle and it is moved through the portal by the means of the platform conveyor mechanism.
  • Radiation safety. Due to the use of the platform with conveyor mechanism in DTP 320/200DV the vehicles could be scanned without the drivers and passengers inside. In case when driver remains in a vehicle (option), the system will be adjusted to ensure the low dose to comply with ANSI 43.17-2009 standard. The distance between operator’s workplace and the system is up to 150 m.


  • Driver photo fixation
  • Standalone operator cabin
  • Remote station for image analysis
  • Infrared access limiting barriers
  • Radiation monitor
  • Hoop barriers
  • Automatic number plate recognition system (ANRP)
  • Under vehicle surveillance system
  • Weather packages
  • UPS


Ambient temperature range operation * From -10°С to +50°С
Relative air humidity range operation Up to 90% at temperatue +25°С
Ambient temperature range transportation * From -20°С to +55°С
Relative air humidity range: Transportation Storage Max 90% at temperature +25°С Max 90% at temperature +25°С
* Optional weather packages which extends the operational environment limits are available POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENT
Supply voltage 3-phase, 230/400 V AC ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Vehicle inspection technology Drive-through mode: A driver remains in thevehicle during scanning process driving the vehicle under its own power through the portal. In this case the scanning can be performed by one X-ray source at 200 kV (lateral projection) or by 320 kV X-ray source in a low penetration mode (downward projection) what could be adjusted by an operator. Conveyor mode: A vehicle without a driver and passengers is moved through the stationary portal by the conveyor mechanism of the platform. The scanning is performed by bothX-ray sources with receiving of two X-ray images at operator’s workplace.
Maximum size of the scanned objects, m 2,5 (W) x 2,8 (H) ≥ 8 m (L)
Dimension of inspection tunnel, m 3,0 (W) x 3,0 (H)
Scanning speed: – in drive-through mode – in gantry mode 5-10 km/h 1-2 km/h
Throughput capacity: – in drive-through mode – in gantry mode up to 120 vehicles per hour up to 40 vehicles per hour
Operation time 24 hours per day
Module for operator (option) Container-based module with heating, lighting, air conditioning, operator’s desk
X-ray generator anode voltage: X-ray source 1 X-ray source 2 320 kV 200 kV
Beam direction: X-ray source 1 X-ray source 2 Downward Lateral
Type: X-ray source 1 X-ray source 2 Modular U-shaped dual energy linear detector Modular L-shaped dual energy linear detector
Penetration(steel), mm – downward projection – lateral projection up to 60 (320 kV X-ray source) 25 (200 kV X-ray source)
Wire resolution(copperwire), mm – downward projection – lateral projection 0,25 0,8
Spatial resolution, mm – downward projection – lateral projection 3 3
Maximum dose to a driver inside the vehicle when scanned by 200 kV X-ray source < 0,25 μSv/scan at 7 km/h vehicle speed
Dose at operator’s workplace, not more 0,5 μSv (average per one working hour)
Dose rate at the border of exclusion zone 0,5 μSv/hour
Regulatory document ANSI 43.17-2009 ANSI 43.3-2008 European Council Directive 96/29/EURATOM ICRP 103 IEC 62523

DTP 320/200DV

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