ThruScan® sX-WP Walk Through Metal Detector

Technical Features:                                                                                  

  Package Dimensions (W x L x H):

Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Box 1: 81 x 235 x 21 cm (65 Kg)

Operating voltage: 70VAC – 270VAC / 50Hz – 60Hz

Box 2: 43 x 81х27 cm (14 Kg)

Power: 10W Stand By- 20W (Alarm)

Box 3: 62 х 101 х 12 cm (4 kg)

Net ­Passage: 74 x68 x200 cm

Net Weight: 63 Kg

External: 85 x68 x220 cm

Gross Weight: 83 Kg (3 boxes)

Water Proof Walk Through Metal DetectorElektral A.S.

Product Description

International norms (NILECJ-0601 L1-5/IP65/EN60950 Class1) In conformity with CE European Union Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Certified in Compliance to EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1 regulations and in compliance with DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC (restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). Auto Calibration (Automatically calibrates itself up to Environmental Conditions) No Set Up Changes necessary when relocated and/or new Magnetic Objects brought Near-By Whilst Normal Operation, displays IN/OUT Counters and Security Level on LCD without abbreviations so that Security Staff can easily understand Capable to Detect both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metallic Threat Objects Considered Dangerous by International Security Authorities. Can detect when tested both individually and in combination. Displays Location of the Detected Metal Objects with Continuous LED Zone Indicators on Both Side Panels from top to bottom Detects all threat objects even concealed, hidden with camouflage and/or wrapped. Impossible for such threat objects to pass through the WTMD without causing an alarm. Homogeneous Magnetic Field – No Dead Points – Same Detection Capability from bottom to top Detects Metals regardless their orientation Multi-Zone – 9 Real Matrix Detection Zones(Up/Middle/Down and Left/Middle/Right) Separate Sensitivity Settings for Different Detection Zones No Interference between Zones and No False Alarms 20 sensitivity levels, 246 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, Pre-set NILECJ Sensitivity Program, – 7 Preset Security Programs Automatic Frequency Selection Feature Metal Density Strength Display by 10-level-VU meter with green, yellow, red LEDs easily allows sight from distance Superior Discrimination, Pin Point target location identification with Graphical zone display on Control Unit Human Health friendly Very Low Frequency VLF technology, No affects to Pace Makers, Pregnant and Magnetic Media Digital Signal Processing and Diagnostics Green/Red bi colour traffic LEDs easily allows sight from distance and LED Alarm Indicators on side panels Operation Mode, Programming Parameters and Error Codes are Displayed on Wide 64×128 Characters GLCD Screen Real Time Environmental Magnetic Noise Level Display 10 Adjustable audio tones with 10 volume levels (enabling Mute Operation) Adjustable Alarm Duration IR Protection Feature enabling perfect low false alarm operation/ Continuous Detection Mode Selection Enabled IP 65 Protection Level (EN 60529) Five Digit Incoming/ Outgoing & Alarm Counters (Visible/Invisible) with a speed 60 persons/min. Interference free Operation from other Electronic Equipment. Necessary filtering precautions have been taken. Four-digit changeable digital Pin Code and Mechanical Lock Automatic Failure Display Function on GLCD with continuous self checking of key parameters (BITE – Built In test Equipment) Reloading the factory default settings by one-touch button Easy Programming and Display via High Resolution GLCD (Graphical Liquid Crystal Display) 5 Menu Languages, Standard menu in English, German, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic Relay output for recording CCTV, Photo Recording, controlling turnstiles, etc.& Built-in Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) enabling 2 hours operation without mains Battery ON/OFF Feature enabling Operation Without Mains Easy-to-mount and assemble walk through metal detector (15 Minutes) Male/Female Socket-Connector Design Manufactured for 24/7 Continuous Operation 74 cm Net Passage Width and 200 cm Net Passage Height Interference free Operation at Middle Level Sensitivity of 10 cm for stagnate Metals and 200 cm for moving Installation and Operation without interference between two detectors up to a distance of min. 5 cm Audio-Visual alarms are noticeable at a range of 4 meters Micro-Processor Settings do not change when there is an electricity cut-off No interference with Storage Media, Flash Memories, CD, Diskettes and other electronic devices All Electronic Units (electronic unit, power supply, battery, adapter etc..) are inside the Equipment. No external units. Strong plastic footers for sturdy placement and durable use. ABS Rain Shelter on top Optional: ABS Protective footers for increased protection and strong fixing Optional: Low voltage main supply Optional -SCADA Networking of Multiple Metal Detectors; Change of settings by PC (Digital output for Network Connection) Optional Real-Time Video Prosecution Unit enabling recording of Alarmed/All Visitors Pictures or video with time-stamp to SD Card ~30.000 Image Optional IRDA(Pilot) Remote Control Unit

Additional Information

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